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​For Real will
help you:

  • Develop un-stoppable faith  by learning to lean on God as you step authentically into your ur life.
  • Strengthen and encourage your need to worship.
  • Discover real and practical truth tools to live in peace.
  • Discover and make relevant scripture passages to decree truths when trials come.
  • Participate in a 6-week discovery and development assessment to the real you.

What I want for my Readers:

No matter our background, our race, or gender, or political party. As long as we love Jesus together, we can really love others.

I have a dream for me and for you. It may seem small, but I believe in it. Now more than ever our world needs to be united in love. I believe we can reach that, when every single one of us in our own pocket of the world begins to learn to live ourselves and love people real and authentically.

Kerrie and her Passions:

I was a speaker long before it was a writer, and until a pastor said I should write a book. I wrote the first one because someone said I should. When God finally told me to write, that's when things got real. I love writing. I love getting all the crazy things inside me on paper. But, what makes me want to live my hair on fire is speaking to audiences. There are no words that can help me describe what happens when I see transformation taking place inside an individual where there once was a void, where there once was death, and Jesus brings life. I can't get over it. I can't quit it. And I can't pretend that I don't love it. But I love it because I know the goal is bringing more of Jesus to the people that I'm speaking to you. If you asked me to speak at your church, or event, it will make my day! Because, Jesus.